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funding which increase education. as part of your own proposal that you submitted three days ago, it included dramatic cuts to education. our state has challenges. i have visited schools throughout the state. i had visited businesses. we lead the country in unemployment. we lead the country in foreclosures. there has to be a shared sacrifice. i have said consistently that my opponent has misled all of you. nowhere when >> you have a minute to rebut if you care to. >> he talks in terms of personnel costs and a salary reduction. the fact is his plan would lead
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to teachers being fired. it is also true that he cannot do what he says he would do. as a former attorney general and as an attorney, he should know he cannot change teacher salaries unless he agrees -- they agree to them. he had scheduled money to reduce class and the efforts that to general funds. he also did not mention another plan. your plan would cut education. there is no doubt about that. the question is how much. >> we have not asked you the question yet. here it is again. considering the $3 billion shortfall, how can we improve education at a time when every budget that the state level is
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being cut? >> i want to change the delivery of education systemically. one thing i have not discussed this my plan for merit pay to reward good teachers and good schools. my plan calls for choice. i think every parent in this state should have the ability to decide where their children are going to attend school. my plan calls for the end of teacher tenure. teachers are wonderful. we have to give them the ability to deliver a quality education. we need to reward the good teachers, and the teachers that are struggling need assistance. if there are teachers that should not be in the classroom, perhaps there needs to be a change. i would like to hear from you, your most recent budget plan which calls for the production
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of two large million dollars in education. >> i do not know where you are getting your numbers. they are not true. that would not impact education. what we need to do is focus on what is important. let me tell you about a principle. my daughters went to green valley high school. the gators. my son is about to start there. we spoke with jeff about what he thought needed to be done to make it possible for every school in nevada. i think the best example is $6,000 allocated for each student in nevada, the principle has discretions over only $100. we need to give principals more discretion at the community level, so that every school can
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improve. that is what my plan would do. my plan gives every school the ability to improve not just certain ones. that is the main difference between us. >> you wish to rebut? >> yes. i have read my opponent's plan. in terms of it using empowerment, which we already have, it uses a program that is going to be used in a county in the very near future. i had the opportunity to visit with all 17 school superintendents. the point i think we need to make is as far as it goes, it is fun. but we need to go further. we cannot wait for the five years that is called for in my opponent's plan to change the system. by that time, thousands of children's -- children would have gone through. my plan will allow for change immediately. it will call for immediate merit
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pay for teachers to reward good teachers. it will call for the end of social promotion. it will give principals throughout the state the ability to have local control for the decisions and kids in their schools. thanks. >> we understand it will be hard to divorce the subject issue from this, but we want to continue with another question. the school district has led the privatizing and have found they could not save the money. what evidence do you have that there are cost-saving measures to achieve streamlining privatization and more efficient operations? >> when we were working on our plan, we talked to people about education. i will not forget a meeting i had with a bus driver. he described how much he loved
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his job. he let a roll of quarters in his pocket every day to make sure every child that forgot their lunch money or needed to call home had the ability to do that. he cared about his job more than anybody i ever met. we need to make sure that we have qualified people in positions to do the jobs that need to be done with privatization. transportation is a very important function in education. paris trusts the school district to take their children, deliver them to school, and return them to safety. we need to use the highest standards, background checks to make sure our children are safe. he talk about privatization in his plan. a superintendent criticize him, because he did not believe it would save money that it claimed is to save. i think we need to be careful when we talk about this
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privatization and make sure that if we are going to do it, people are trained and able to do those important jobs that need to be done. the other thing that needs to be pointed out about his plan is he says it will be funded -- $300 million of a certain tax. the state budget director says there is only $95 million in that fund. do we cut 533 million in short another 205? i think my math is pretty good. >> a response? >> i will not question that math. it is about education. the question was about privatization. i think what is important to know is that old definition of insanity. if we continue to do the same things the same way, we cannot
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expect different results. everything has to be on the table. we need to break the status quo. i have a tremendous amount of respect for the superintendent of the clark county school district. i understand that some of my ideas will be criticized, because they are different. they will be innovative. there are people out there who should have the ability to see if they can do it more efficiently and if they can do it cheaper so that the that savings can go into the classroom. we need to break the mold. >> i visited schools in the county. i met with each individual
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principals. what they like to do is have the freedom and the ability to decide how best to spend their dollars. right now, they may be locked in for textbooks and supplies that they can always been a certain amount of money. my plan would provide a chunk of money to those school districts and principals, so they can decide how best to run education at their schools. in fiscal in one place has different needs than one in henderson were sparked. i think it is extremely important that they have the ability and the economy to deliver the best possible education to the kids in their district. >> your response? >> we need more people like kady. i was at an elementary school for several hours one day. i have never met another person with as much energy as her. she has -- she is the principal.
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she brought the teachers together, parents from the neighborhood together, and they transformed that school. we need to empower principals like her. that is the hallmark of my plan. it is said giving every school the opportunity to innovate. his plan would give certain schools additional funding and certain schools the ability to innovate. we need to give that ability to every school. he talks about block grants and money being used in his program. the money that we talked about that will lead to the firing of teachers, after he has done well with class size reduction money and spending at least $100 million -- i just do not know how he is going to pay for it. >> your rebuttal? >> my opponent is consistently inaccurate. i will challenge you to look at my plan anywhere. it does not call to lay off any
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teachers. he looked at his own budget and conceded he would roll into furloughs. that affects education at the tune of $200 million. we are drawing into the negatives. there is a lot of opportunity for schools across the state. it gives those principles, those school districts, those superintendents' the ability to make the decisions that are best for their school. look at all the different schools. they will be different. we have to address minority populations, the at risk populations. my plan would give those principals and superintendents the ability to do that. thanks. >> i have a follow-up. both of you say you want economy in the school and a great examples. i still do not see how it leads to improved results. >> i am happy to respond to your question. i think it will lead to good
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results. if the principals have the ability when they have a block grant money to decide maybe i need or math teachers or science teachers, maybe more teachers to address the people that do not speak english. over 100 different languages right here in clark county. maybe invest more money in technology. maybe i need to have more teachers and smaller class sizes in fifth grade or six grade. that is the beauty of it. it gives the teachers, the principles, the superintendent the ability to make decisions and customize and education for those particular kids. >> would you like to respond? >> let me explain what is going on here. he gave a budget plan early in the year. shortly after that he released his education plan after i released mine. his education plan, i have read
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it. it reads like a hallmark card. there is not much substance there. he is not doing the things he says he will do, because of his budget plan. take one aspect of it. ed least $100 million will not be -- at least $100 million will not be available to schools like this. he has chosen to subsidize the private education of a handful of students. and 6% of students in nevada go to public school. -- 96% of students in nevada got a public school. i think his is a bad choice. >> thanks. >> i think we need to change where the power is. i said that when i talk about the plan. we need to take the power away from bureaucrats in carson city
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and washington d.c. and give its two principals, teachers, and parents at the local level. they can determine what the scandals are, but their staffing levels are, and to some degree, what the curriculum is. that is what my plan would give every school the opportunity to do. it would transform how we deliver education in nevada. if at the local level, people decide their school districts are too large and cumbersome, asian make whatever changes they deem appropriate. winning kady and her teacher said down, they had to children with reading deficiencies. they had a great idea. they had specialists that could ride a run the school and pay attention to the kids with
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problems. they determined the best way to find that would be to have their librarian go to part-time staff. there was one problem with their plan. it would have delivered a better education, it more cheaply, but a regulation that required them to have a full-time librarian. somebody somewhere other than this elementary and the communities surrounding it should not be affecting teachers and parents who want to do good for their school. if every other school in nevada have that right, we would transfer will transform the way we do education. that is what i want to do under my plan. >> your response. >> i thank -- i think my opponent makes my point. it is only 4%. we have people that wait in line to get into the career in technical schools. we have people waiting to get
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in charter schools. we need innovation. it is important for kids to have choice. i am not going to apologize for that. it creates competition. by having vouchers, giving parents a choice as to what school their kids can attend -- you have to get into a lottery to get into a school like this. it may be the beginning of several more schools like this. that is why i think choice is so important. breaking up the clark county school district. i have asked that question. it has not been demonstrated to me. given that answer, i think it deserves exploration, but right now, i am not sure it is a good idea. >> michael -- my plan calls for
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open enrollment. people could vote. if a school does not meet the needs of their child, they could go to another school. that is true choice. bryan's plan would only help the small amount of students. 4%. look at those students * $6,000, that is $100 million. that is real money. to cut $100 million from public education to subsidize private education of a few is wrong. they would take money from this school. i think that is a bad choice. >> next question is from the principle of one elementary school. >> i want to know what your are going to do to bring in quality
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instructors and how you can save jobs especially at schools like mine that is at risk. >> i did not hear the first part of the question. >> i want to know what you will do to bring quality instructors into our state and how they save jobs schools like whitney that are at risk? >> windy mean teachers regarding quality instructors -- does she mean teachers regarding quality instructors? when a teacher from all of state can see they will be rewarded based on their performance on increasing the growth of the kids -- there has been a lot of discussion in the media. that was part of our race to the top initiative. that is something that is really important. a teacher out of state looking
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to come to nevada will see that we are going to reward good teachers. we will reward good schools. we will reward them for growing their students. i think that will be very important. with regards to saving jobs, that is the point of my plan. a modest reduction in salaries across the board for employees. but we do not want mass layoffs. we do not want to lay anyone off when we lead the country in unemployment. everyone is in this together. we are in a budget crisis. i think my plan is a good way to go. >> he is calling for 20% reduction. teachers would have to agree to it. he is suggesting that we should do something that we should not give. his plan will not work.
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it will cut tens of millions of dollars and affect thousands of teachers. if you do not believe my math, go to my web site. i lay out the plan in black-and- white. i describe how reach the numbers i did. >> i think what she does and when it is amazing. she is an example of what we need to do at every school in nevada. she has more homeless children at whitney elementary than any other school in our state. she gets up at 5:00 in the morning to make sure they have something to eat. she made sure they have clothes to wear. we need more principals like her. and >> i am proud of my plan. we're not. to go through this over and over
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again. here is the point. we need to work hard to improve education and in the state of nevada. i think we all agree on that. we need to be very aggressive. that is what my plan calls for. >> let's build into that a little bit more. here is your next question. >> my plan would provide freedom. freedom to principals, educators, and parents, so it can be whatever they want it to be. if we provide freedom in america, we also demand responsibility. we need good, new, tough accountability measures. teachers spend one-third of their time preparing children to administer a test. we expect a child to fill in the
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ride bubble with a number to passible -- canceled. -- the right bubble with a no. 2 pencil. sally's teacher handed out an assignment. he noticed that she was drawing a picture. he said, what are you drawing? sally said, i am drawing a picture of dow way. -- god. it said no one knows what god looks like. saleh said, they will in a minute. -- sally said, they will in a minute. [laughter] when need to make sure it is a day progress. not all children respond to filling in a bubble with a pencil.
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i went to a school and there was no internet. my concern was that one child could have the world at his fingertips because resources in the home. we need to make sure that sally and every other child in nevada can deal with what ever is in the world. it allows children to be creative and schools to be innovative. >> thanks. i agree. our children deserve the best possible education possible. how are we going to hold teachers and principals accountable? part of my plan, a lot of parents that have children in schools, they do not know anything about the teacher that their child is going to be taught by. i think it is important is that through my plan, and would tell a parent, what type of school.
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if the school failed to years in a row, they would have the opportunity to change schools. what is important is that it accounts for the growth of students. 37 different categories that the schools are rated on with regard to know a child left behind. my plan would allow for a school -- if it floats in one of those, it is a failed school. my plan would look at the whole picture. >> his plan reads like a hallmark card. it has nice stuff in it, but no details. if i were grading his plan, i would give it an incomplete. he talks about giving a school and "a" two and a "f", but does not specify how he does that. we want to hold principals and teachers accountable.
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to do that, we have to be specific about the kinds of accountability we ask for. my plan calls for multiple measures of accountability. we do not rely just on standardized testing. we want teachers and students to be creative in our schools to progress. >> both have said to be specific, but neither of you have. how would you set up an accountability process? >> we have a process now. we need someone independent that can come in and raid the school. there has been a lot of media attention for a method that has not been used before. a value-added method. it is something they are using in the l.a. district. it is part of using the test scores as a 50% portion of how we will measure teachers in schools. that is an important place to
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start. >> my plan calls for multiple measures so that we do not rely on standardized tests. we still will have them, but i call for using technology so that it takes less time to administer the tests, so teachers have more time to teach. i also say in addition to test course, we need to look at graduation rates, the arts and cultural programs that schools might have. we need to provide information. i provide real choice not the false choice. if students will have open enrollment and take their child to the school the best serve their needs, they will need information about the various schools. my plan calls for more information to be available that will measure students and teachers in many different ways and provide that information to parents and to the public, so they can make a truce was about the school their child should
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attend. -- true choice about the school their child should attend. >> thank you. here is the next question. >> i want to end teaching tenure. if you are a teacher in the state of nevada, you receive tenure after one year. i want to end that. it is important -- it goes back to accountability. rewarding good teachers. giving some teachers the resources they need to improve. if some are underperforming, they need to move along. the way to do that is to end teacher tenure. i visited some of these goals and principles. some of them do not want to go through the frustration of that process. it is not worth it to them. it is important that we -- it is all about the kids.
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the most important factor is them. it is the teacher in the classroom. no matter what part you are in, the most important component is an effective teacher. if one is underperforming, we cannot wait three years to make a change. thousands of children have moved through the system. that is what my plan calls for. it is something different than mr. reed's plan. it calls for extending tenure from one year to three years. >> your response? >> nothing is more frustrating than a bad teacher to a good teacher. most teachers do their jobs well. i agree with brian. we need to hold teachers accountable. if they are not doing their job, they need to find something else to do. it is that simple. we need to accountability.
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maybe this is the one time we agree. >> what about the union contracts and state rules? >> nevada needs an advocate for education. i began by talking about certain things. if you have a real reform, it affects everyone. i think there were people who were surprised by my education plan. i am talking about teachers losing their jobs if they do not do them well. i am a democrat. i think that is the way it should be. some people in the education windy have been rubbed the wrong way. i am proud of that. an advocate for reform that will change education in nevada. if we are going to grow our economy and put more people back to work, we need an education system that we all can be proud of.
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>> would you like to rebut? >> no. >> here is our next question. it is dealing with class size. >> the class sizes are large. sometimes it is hard to approach the teacher on your own and get help on a specific situation or problem. >> having to handle class sizes of a 45-50 students in high school? >> i think we need to give more authority to local communities to determine how the money they spend is used at their schools. that would allow them to address class supplies as well. -- size as well. they could address curriculum as well. the inconsistency here is what brian said about class size. in his budget plan, he said
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money, $110 million that is currently allocated for classroom reduction in clark county, that money is used for second and third graders. he said in his budget plan that money should be diverted and put in the general fund. when i began to criticize him. he said something else. in his education plan, he wants to give that money to local school districts, so they can determine how to use it. it sounds strangely similar to what i have said in march. i wonder why it was in his education plan when he released it this summer. >> your response? >> classroom size reduction is incredibly important. i think my plan addresses a concern exactly from one person. my plan calls for local control.
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a school district can decide, do we want to use this money to make the classroom sizes smaller? do we want to make them smaller in junior high? fifth grade? it gives them that flexibility. not all school districts are the same. it is very important that they all have that flexibility and the economy to make those decisions that are best for their kids. >> rebuttal? >> absolutely. why is this important? i was speaking with a kindergarten teacher. she described to me what her day is like. i want you to think about what it might be like. she has a 40 five rolls of a long. that is a patient woman. -- five-year-olds all day long. that is a patient woman. another person said she buys the
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supplies for students needs because the resources are laughing at her school. the problem is brian cannot fund class size reduction. his budget takes that money and puts a summer house. i balance the budget without using education dollars. he cannot say that. >> next question. >> i can answer that question. the question was this with regard to certain schools and the edge schools and what we
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have called envisions schools. that is my point. i have read mr. reed's plan. it is a repackaging of empowerment plan. it works great. we have many schools in clark county. i visited one high school and was amazed with the principle at that school and the opportunities that empowerment gives and the flexibility that it gives. i think it should be expanded. that is something i have supported specifically within my plan. it will go to other schools in wausau county. we have manacles here. there are people waiting in line. i think we have to have open enrollment to give kids a choice. a charter school, a private school, or public school of their choice. >> the problem with empowerment is it does not empower people. and schools would be available to every school in the state of
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nevada. that is the difference. in wausau county, they call them but a different name, but there are a handful of them as well. that would allow every school in nevada to be on that so that the parent teacher and principals could get together and decide what they wanted the school to be. we need to give freedom to people at the committee level, and my plan would do that. it would fully fund that effort. that is how my plan is different from what he describes. >> rebuttal? >> the law should be allowed -- it should be expanded. the smaller counties are already in parma's schools. it is a very scott small school
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district. they have to make these decisions because administration is so small. the issue with the edge school is it does not really change anything. we need to expand and break the status quo. we cannot wait another five years for students to receive the benefits they deserve. under my plan, it would call for immediate change to help these children in nevada. >> students are worried that the schools choice and daughter programs will lead to low income students at some school. watch this question. >> how does this work with the division between the schools. art some -- are not the worst ones getting worse and the better ones getting better? >> how do you plan on addressing the inequities of it? >> what you do is you give a community to every school.
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to be what they want to be. then you provide assistance to those schools. my plan would fund over to a $20 million in minister of cuts that we would reinvest to the classroom. part of that reinvestment includes providing teachers incentives to teach in schools that are having a little more trouble. i provide other programs, 21st century technology that would be available to schools that have it more difficult. that is why i think my plan gives opportunity to every school in nevada. every school would have the opportunity to empower itself. there is also funding for the plant in my budget. the students has concerns. the incentive is only available to the schools that perform
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well. he punishes poor performing schools even more and rewards the best schools even more. that is going sit exacerbate equity. mine fully funds opportunities for schools to become everything they want to be. >> your response? >> my plan calls for a choice. they should have the ability to send their kids to a school they fill best fits the child's needs. that includes private schools. i think that will create competition. it will make the public and private schools better. people are waiting in line to get into schools, because they are so innovative. i think other schools and kids would like the ability to attend those schools private in charger. i think the parents deserve
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choice. they have the ability to send their child to a certain schools. they have to wait in line. i think our competition is good. it would be best for all the kids in the state. >> i think the question is which parent should have which choice? his plan gives a small number of parents a very big choice. if your child attends a private school in nevada, under his plan, you could get almost $6,000 a year to subsidize the private education. if you have a child in the public school, and that child wants to go to a private school, they would get $6,000. but the average cost of a 16 -- of a private school is $16,000. what good does it do them to get $6,000? not much. my plan is better because i want
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to help every student not just some. >> we want to move on to higher education. this question is for mr. reed. neither of your plans address higher education. >> his budget proposal would cut 12% from higher education budgets. 12%. my plan funds education. it does not cut higher education. why is that important? we all either know someone or are very close to someone who has lost their job. it is impossible to have a quality life if you do not have a job. there is no better engine to create jobs than in higher education.
6:41 am
ideas such have been dreamed up at m.i.t. are responsible for creating 6000 companies that have employed one prime-1 million people and is responsible for $232 billion in sales. we can do that in nevada. there is nothing stopping us from doing that here. to do that, we need to build our higher education system so that it can provide the good ideas for private-sector so our people can go back to work. that is what my plan will do. the cannot do that should -- in his proposal. it is important for economic reasons. we have a moral obligation. i was at the university of nevada last week. i met a girl who said, look at all of these students walking around here. they cannot be here if it were not for the millennium shelter.
6:42 am
half would probably not be in school. we need to create economic opportunity for our people. we need to find it so that people like betty can create opportunities for themselves, so they can work and live their dreams. >> your response? >> i really enjoy the opportunity to meet with the chancellor of the university. i have met with the president. i am a proud graduate. i think our universities are incredibly important to the diversification of our economy and the future of our state. i need to remind my opponent that university employees are state employees. as part of the budget plan will least three days ago, it is a continuation of the furloughs. that reduces the funding for the university. i do not want to dwell on that, but on a solution. i met with the chancellor and
6:43 am
the president of the university. they would like to have the ability to maintain their tuition. it gives them more ability to fund their education. i will work very hard with the heads of each university to give them the ability to make decisions for their budgets. >> we have run out of time. >> that is all of the time we have in this hour. it has gone quickly. i want to make sure we have one opportunity to -- for you to let everyone know where you stand on education. >> i want to thank everyone for this robust debate. i want to thank brian and the sponsors. i started this debate off with a strong accusation. i said that brian would -- the >> i said that brian was not a
6:44 am
strong leader, because strong leaders are consistent. i think there are two brian sandoval. jim cut education $300 million. brien has proposed to cut its $533 million. i gave him an opportunity to explain that. he did not. that is unfortunate. the second, laid out an education plan in which he described what he would do to make schools better. the budget is a statement of your priorities. you cannot do what he talked about if you cut its the way he did in his budget plan. they are inconsistent. it consistently says that
6:45 am
education -- we will never have a first-rate economy in nevada if we continue to except second grade schools. education is key to the development of our economy. companies that might be considering nevada will not come here if they do not think we have an educated work force. executives will not bring their children here if they do not believe their children can get a good education and are safe. less than half our kids are graduating from high school -- we need to be ashamed of ourselves. we need i would like to thank everybody this evening. i am it will finish where i started.
6:46 am
education is incredibly important for me on a personal love all and for the people of the state of nevada. i left a lifetime of employment because i care deeply about the future of the state. i think it is important given the graduation rates that we have any test course that we have had. we have to do something different. if we can no longer accept the status quo. my plan will do that. my plan calls for real accountability, real choice, will local control, ending social promotion. if we do these things now, we will not lose those thousands of students that i talked about. i am incredibly optimistic about the future of our state. if i am the next governor, and i respectfully ask for your vote, i will work hard every day to improve education in the state
6:47 am
and nevada. god bless all of you and god bless the great state of nevada. the key very much. [applause] >> president obama reduces calls for tax breaks and benefits directed to small businesses. he spoke about the latest job numbers adding it to the labor day holiday weekend. from the white house rose garden, this is less than 10 minutes. >> good morning, everybody. as we head into labor day weekend, i know a lot of people are concerned about what the future holds for themselves, their families, and the economy as the as -- the economy as a whole. as i said from the start, there is no quick fix. this is the worst recession since the great depression.
6:48 am
the hard truth is, it took years to create our current economic problems that it will take more time than any of us will like to create the damage. millions of our neighbors are living with that painfully every day. but i want all americans to remind themselves that better days are ahead. even after this economic crisis, our markets remain the most dynamic in the world, our workers are still the most productive, we remain the global leader in innovation, in discovery, in of entrepreneurship. the mumbai took office, we were losing 750,000 -- at the much i took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. this is the eighth consecutive month of private job gloats -- jew private job growth.
6:49 am
that is positive news. it reflects the steps we have taken to break the backs of this recession. it is not nearly good enough. we need to take further steps to create jobs and keep the economy growing, including extending tax cuts for the middle class and investing in the areas of our economies where the potential for job growth is greatest. in the weeks ahead, i will discuss these in more detail. one thing we all have to do right now, something we have to be responsible for doing right now, is to lift up our small businesses, which account for over 60% of job losses in the final months of last year. that is why, once again, i am asking congress to pass my jobs bill its first order of business when it is back to session this month. this is what this is so important. who up until this past may, we were not only waiving fees for
6:50 am
october norse who took out small business administration loans, we are encouraging banks to make loans to small business owners. about 70,000 loans had been approved since i took office. i think karen mills for the next down -- for the outstanding job she has been doing. we have also been fighting to extend these loan enhancements with a small business jobs bill. it will more than double the amount small business owners can't borrow to grow their businesses. it will completely eliminate capital gains taxes on key investments so small business owners can buy new equipment and expand. it would give tax cuts to businesses large and small that make job creating investment in the next 14 months. keep in mind, it is paid for. it will not add one dime to our
6:51 am
deficit. put simply, this piece of legislation is good for workers, it is good for small business people, it is good for our economy. yet republicans in the senate have blocked this bill. it is a needless delay that have led small business owners across this country to put off hiring, but all expanding, and put off things that will make our economy stronger. since i ran for office i said there is no silver bullet to solve our economic problems overnight. there are small steps we can make. there are certain measures that we know will advance our recovery. this small business jobs bill is one of them. i am confident that we are -- that if we're willing to put partisanship aside and the leaders then we are not only
6:52 am
going to see america's hardworking families and small businesses bounceback, but we will rebuild america's economy stronger than that has been before. thank you very much. i will be addressing a broader package of ideas next week. we are confident that we are moving in the right direction, but we want to keep this recovery moving stronger and accelerate the job growth that is needed so desperately across the country. >> to what degree do you regret the ministrations -- >> i do not regret the pit -- the notion that we are moving
6:53 am
toward because of the steps we are taking. i'll have a press converts next week after you are able to hear where we are at. we will be able to answer some specific questions. the key point i am making right now is that the economy is moving in a positive direction. jobs are being created, they are just not being created as fast as they need to given the big holes that we have experience. we will continue to work with republicans and democrats to come up with ideas to accelerate that job growth. i am confident we can do that. the evidence we have seen in the course of this summer and the course of the last 18 months in a case we are moving in the right direction. we just have to speed it up. this is the senior white house
6:54 am
reporter for "politico." his news -- he also wrote about measures that are being reported that the investors was to boost the economy. >> rahm emanuel emmannuel has been pushing internally for a number of weeks a set of infrastructure improvements. it is not clear how they will get the support to pass that because it costs quite a bit of money. they are also considering a permanent extension of the research and development tax credit which would be about $70
6:55 am
billion over the next 10 years. >> the president has a busy week next week. how soon do they want to see some of these measures implemented? >> if they want them implemented as soon as possible. they will be unveiled monday or tuesday of next week as he heads out to milwaukee. he has an event in cleveland. it is not really decided whether it will all be presented with a bow on monday. there is not a lot of time left. they have to get some stuff out there. >> i want to ask you about the concept of fiscal stimulus. the $787 billion stimulus in february a year ago -- how has that been spent or not spent so far? so far it, the money they have spent -- maybe a third of that
6:56 am
has been paid out. how difficult of a cell does that make it for democrats? >> you hit the nail right on the head. because of the speed with which the stimulus had to be passed and the treacherous political environment with them needing two or three republicans when they were not willing to budge, the folks are kicking themselves in the white house that they did not load the stimulus with more high-profile projects. they are regretting that a lot of that this was tax cuts and a lot included aid to the states. their preferred that the lower profile stuff had been broken at out. i think they are, from a political perspective, regreting
6:57 am
of this thing went down. >> we will wrap up with the political aspect of this. to is the president's chip really aimed for him? the beloved -- the president's political standing of the democratic race is in the house and the senate? >> if they are wind in the same. i had an aide tell me that we needed to get obama's numbers up. they need to prove did to them -- they need to prevented -- they need to prove to themselves that they can get the magic back. >> is all of this sort of the swing that the president mentioned that the other night in the speech about the end of combat operations in iraq? >> we have been turning pages of four months. the problem is the presidency
6:58 am
keeps coming at them. we have a lot of these benchmarks on foreign policy that we have to deal with. we have a lot of big decisions on afghanistan coming out within the next year or so. the frustration is the daily pressures n d -- and the terrible economic numbers has really hamstrung the white house. >> he is the same book -- he is the senior political reporter for "politico." thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> jo bonner will make two stops next week to talk about the economy. he will kick off labor day week on monday in milwaukee, wisconsin. on wednesday, the president travels to cleveland to deliver remarks on the economy.
6:59 am
on friday there will be a press conference at the white house. we will have coverage on the c- span network. see for more details. >> next, your calls and comments on "washington journal." then, and muslims in the u.s.. after that, airline pilots discuss security procedures including passenger screening. join our conversation on the american revolution, the riding of the constitution, and the importance of historical study depth."v's "in that is that 12:00 eastern on c- span2. we will talk about economic policy

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